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cicada api
Direct Access to Boundless Liquidity with Cicada API
Bring the power of Cicada directly to your proprietary system. Our robust API ensures you can seamlessly integrate Cicada's extensive liquidity and advanced trading features into your workflow.
Full Integration
Connect your existing infrastructure to Cicada's trading platform with our comprehensive API, providing a seamless trading experience.
Broad Access
Access our boundless liquidity, including M Bonos, UDI Bonos, and Cetes, directly from your proprietary system.
Trading Protocols
Leverage our central limit orderbook and request for quote protocols directly through our API.
Data Visualization
Benefit from Cicada Vision's comprehensive data visualization tools right in your system, helping you make informed decisions based on historic prices, sovereign curve plots, spread analysis, and more.
Get Started with Cicada API
To get started with the Cicada API, complete our onboarding process. Our team is ready to assist you with integration, ensuring a smooth transition and continued support.
tech STACK
Unleashing the Power of Our Technology

We take pride in our cutting-edge technology stack that powers our efficient and performant solutions.

Built on a distributed architecture with a focus on microservices and event-driven design, our technology is designed to deliver exceptional value and seamless experiences for our clients. Here's a glimpse into the technologies we leverage:

Back End
Front End

By combining these advanced technologies, we create a robust foundation that supports our innovative financial solutions. Our technology stack not only delivers exceptional performance and efficiency to our clients but also offers an exciting and challenging environment for talented individuals.

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